Here is a Method That is Helping Single Parents Flip More Houses

Is it possible to flip houses with young children?  Kids who aren’t old enough to attend school?  The answer is YES, buttttt…..

Okay, I have to tell you flipping houses can be challenging.  But, a whole new layer of challenges are added whenever you are a single parent and you have young kids.  Or MAYBE you’re NOT a single parent.  Maybe your spouse is the main breadwinner in the family, they work all day, and you find yourself at home with a young one.

Speaking from some experience here.  My wife and I have four children.  They have never attended all day child care facilities.  At times, I worked a full time job.  At other times, my wife worked full time and I kept the young ones at home.  And yes, it’s easier if you only have one youngster not old enough to attend school, but when you have 2 or 3 under the age of 5 or 6, things can become a challenge.

Over the years, there is one segment of our population that I continually find myself empathizing with. Single Mothers.  I don’t want that to sound negative, at all.  I empathize with their situation and truly do not know or understand the difficult challenges that they face every day.  They’re trying to feed their family, provide housing, raise morally right children, live a life, and make ends meet.  It can also be single dads, too.

Sometimes I run into contractors who request to be paid “off the books” (which I never do).  As the conversations evolve, I can’t tell you how many times the reason has been that they either owe back child support, or if they make more money, a larger check needs to be sent to their spouse because of it…so they want no records of it.  My response is usually along the lines…”Look, if I have to pay taxes…you have to pay taxes…or you’re not working for me”.

If this post can possibly offer a glimmer of hope in their eyes, a ray of belief that they can do this, then this post was worth it.

Many years ago, when I had one to two youngsters that I watched nearly daily, I just decided they weren’t going to hold me back from accomplishing my dreams.  As a matter of fact, my kids knew that several days each week, we were going to go look at “Bacon Homes”.  They couldn’t pronounce “Vacant”…so it usually came out “Bacon”.  In the cases where the home may have been For Sale By Owner, it actually helped to quickly and easily establish some rapport with the sellers.  It gave us something to talk about.

1) Backpack  – In the cases of the really young ones…simply buy a backpack that you can tote them around in.  Just be cautious of the “low ceiling” height basements.  Little Johnny doesn’t respond too well when they’ve cracked their noggen off the ceiling.

2) Keep Them Close – There are some dangers sometimes in vacant houses.  Maybe there are exposed wires, possibly there are holes in the floor leading to the basement with no stairs (yeah, I’ve bought one of these before too), squatters living in the home, etc.

3) Involve Them – If you can be creative and help think of things to make it better for them…”Hey, this is going to help allow mommy buy you that rocking horse”.  Encourage them.  Talk to them about the things you’re looking at on the house.  Ask them what color they think the new siding should be.  Yes, you may get “pink” as a reply. 🙂

PS.  Snacks and rewards always work well also.  If they are well behaved and listen to you in the homes, promises of “movie time with mommy” when you get home may be great for keeping them focused on the prize. 🙂

Here’s the thing.  You have a “burning WHY” you are doing this.  It’s you against all the odds.  Someway…somehow…you have to find a way.  If you have parents or relatives living nearby, see if you can get 1 or 2 days a week…even for 4 hours at a time to have some help while you get things off the ground.  Once you flip 1 or 2 houses, you’ll have the cash on hand to hire some part time babysitters if you need to.  I know this is quite a juggling act to do, especially if you are already working another full time job, but I believe where there is a will, there is a way.  When you want things to change bad enough, opportunities will open up all around you that your imagination could never quite have believed.

The Partnering Method

Maybe it’s time to look for partners.  No, I’m not talking about sexual partners in this case…I’m talking about somebody else who is in the same exact situation you are, and together the two of you can defy the odds and become a formidable team.  Take turns watching kids, looking at houses.  One of you can be working on dialing up contractors or FSBO’s while the other is out checking into a lead.  There are many different variations and the sky is the limit.  I just know that IF you can believe that opportunities will arise….they will.  Keep on trying.

Where can you locate these prospective partners?

– Real Estate Offices

– Investor Meetings

– Mom’s groups (MOPS)

– Homeschooling groups

– Your Neighbors

Remember…it’s better to split the gold, than to find none.  Take a look at what the different people can bring to the table.

What questions do you have?  Does any of this make sense.  Single moms (and dads)….I’m in your corner and I’m pulling for you to conquer anything you set your mind to.

Take care,

Brandon Yeager

Photo Credit:  lori05871

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