Why Real Estate Investing Beats Stocks – Part 3

Welcome to our 3rd and Final post about why I think investing in real estate can help you get to freedom faster…than investing in stocks.

Whooah.  So, how is that for a photo moment in the picture above.  It looks like I just came back from Colorado having enjoyed far too many of their “spiced brownies” if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway…I kind of trick you in the video below.  You may have thought you were going to get my 3rd reason why I like real estate investing over stocks.  Well, I couldn’t stop…and ended up plowing reasons 3, 4, 5, and 6 all into this one.  Anyway, hope if you were wondering about stocks vs real estate, these videos can help you.  If you want to check out the others, here they are:

Stocks vs Real Estate – Part 1

Why Real Estate beats Stocks – Part 2

Take care guys,

PS. Let me know your thought.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  🙂  I’m all ears.

Brandon Yeager

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